Dawaa Molom is a versatile artist living in The Netherlands and Born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Dawaa makes illustrations and ceramic sculptures, in which she knows how to translate her great passion for art. She is mainly inspired by spirituality and women. Dawaa knows how to transform her feelings, thoughts and experiences into artistic forms, recognising her distinctive signature in all her artworks. In the mostly minimalistic illustrations of her hand, she has always been subtly processed, sometimes fiercely or sometimes just humorous.

Dawaa creates sculptures of women who each tell their own story and sometimes even seem to communicate with each other. Due to her Mongolian origin, all the work of She reveals the important spiritual relationship between human and nature. Small and big emotions are subtly translated into beautiful artistic images. In Mongolia, Buddhism takes an important spiritual place.

Dawaa was born in Ulaanbaatar in 1964 and loves drawing since she was a child. It was he mom who showed her an advertisement in the papers where she could apply for the entrance examination of her art education. The entrance examination took 5 days, but Dawaa was happy and very passionate. She went for it and made two exams a day, drawing, painting, composing, and writing headlines. There were more than 200 candidates but Dawaa performed well and became one of the 40 best candidates and was admitted to the Art Academy of Ulaanbaatar.

She started in the fall of 1980 and graduated in 1984 with her series of ceramic sculptures ‘’Friends’’. In June of that year, she first exhibited her work with her former fellow students. In 1985, Dawaa participated in the international Artist Competition in Moscow, where she became Third and won a prize in an artists competition for the first time.For the 20-year-old young-woman, this was a huge incentive to continue with her career as an artist.